Te Papa Talks - Virtual Realities

If you are joining us for the Hackathon you'll also be given a ticket to the Te Papa Talks on Friday night.

About the speakers

Sutu – Art in the Age of Immersive Technologies
From interactive augmented reality (AR) comics to immersive virtual reality (VR) story experiences, Sutu (Stuart Campbell) discusses creating art and telling stories in the age of AR and VR. Sutu is an Australian author, illustrator, and interactive designer. His Tilt Brush paintings have been commissioned by the likes of Google and Marvel, and he is currently developing a VR documentary using Tilt Brush.

Lynette Wallworth – The Power of Immersive Storytelling  
Lynette Wallworth is an acclaimed Australian artist and director whose installations and films reflect connections between people and the natural world. Her work uses immersive environments, interactive technologies, and narrative long-form film to engage viewers.

Mike Jones – Writing for Virtual Reality
Mike Jones is a writer, script editor, and creative producer working across screen, page, and interactive media. He was co-creator of the virtual reality detective-thriller VR Noir: A Day Before the Night with Sydney-based company Start VR. He is also a lead writer of the upcoming speculative fiction VR drama Awake: First Contact.

Lynette Wallworth and Mike Jones were brought to New Zealand as part of the New Zealand Film Commission’s GPS 2026 project.

Soundings Theatre, Level 2

We will head over around 6ish to hear the talks then come back to PROJECTR to get started on our projects around 9pm.